We are on a mission to democratize quality assistive products so that none are left behind.


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Benefit Corporation


Great medical devices can be affordable. Today, 80% of medical devices are designed for only 20% of the people who need them. To fit tighter budgets and rougher environments, our product design process and company structure are different.

Participant is for-profit company registered as a Benefit Corporation. Here are a few of our commitments to social impact.

  • Our products are evaluated by outside experts to confirm that they pass international quality standards.

  • We monitor and report the actual efficacy of our products. Our participants tell us if we are succeeding!

  • Our management is evaluated by our board using environmental and social metrics - as are all employees.

  • All products have lifecycle impact assessments. We do not do ‘planned obsolescence’.

  • 5% of our profits are donated to our non-profit partners so they can serve more people.

  • We all participate in the company's success. All employees are owners regardless of where they live.

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Keoke King
CEO, Co-founder




Yes, they are extraordinarily cute. And, a group of meerkats shows a friendly, inter-dependence that resonates. That is in contrast to the isolation and exclusion that can come with disability. Instead, we envision people with disabilities participating in all aspects of life from work and school to just hanging out as one of the group.

Still today people with disabilities are stigmatized, discriminated against and there is a common misconception that disability is illness. All this leads to decreased participation. We support a culture where inclusion is a right and all assistive products carry no more significance than eye glasses.


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