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Product1 Details

An affordable and easily transportable wheelchair for children who need a variety of postural supports. Designed for active kids and parents. For use in rugged rural, suburban, and urban environments in tropical, rainy, or warm weather.

  • Lightweight. Easy to fold and stow away.

  • Postural support integrated to the padded seat

  • Rugged stroller with a simple seat or a supportive seat

  • Attractive sunshade, available in several colors

  • Seat easily attaches to stroller or a wheelchair base

  • Tilt back seat for comfort. Tilt forward for eating and play.

  • Ergonomic and highly adjustable

  • Expandability serves young kids and teens

  • Passes rigorous quality standards (ISO, FDA, CE)

  • Great off-road, in the tropics, and on the beach.

  • For kids who have a large, expensive wheelchair, Product1 is an excellent option for travel, hiking, and adventure.

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The product journey from the World Health Organization’s call for new affordable products in Geneva in 2017 up to the current prototype status and into future testing and mass production.


We are eager to receive your feedback. If you are a wheelchair user, caregiver, therapist, or NGO worker, we are especially interested.

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Our Approach

Unique Design. Unique Manufacturing. Unique Business Model.


World Class for everyone

Participant products are world class with features, safety, and build quality that’s good enough to be sold anywhere. We are aiming for Camry level success, an affordable and well-made car that is loved around the world.

Future oriented manufacturing

Advances in industrial scale 3D printing allow local manufacture of highly customized, small batch, and affordably priced products. Called “Industry 4.0,” big data, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing will move production closer to users. Participant’s designs leverage Industry 4.0 trends.

Benefit Corporation

The B-Corp seal is to business what Fair Trade is to coffee and USDA Organic is to milk. Participant embraces rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, positive social impact, and transparency. Participant is a for-profit with a purpose - business can be a force for good! We look forward to placing the B-Corp seal on our website!


The Crowd wants to help 

Crowdsourcing is for more than fundraising.  Hackathons and maker fairs are beginning to change how products are developed. Increasingly, wheelchair users are being served by veteran designers who are stepping up to give back. For experienced assistive product designers, a sense of meaning comes from designing for underserved communities. Roughly 80% of medical devices are designed for 20% of the global population. Participant crowdsources design by pairing veteran designers with experts who have deep understanding of the local use context, global standards, and provision systems.