Why Focus On Disability?  


Sri Lestari’s story demonstrates a core concept that underpins Participant. Freedom of worship, liberty, and the rights to work and education are basic human rights. To benefit from whichever of these rights is available in our society, we must move our bodies to them - the school, voting place, or work place. Tools for mobility and other assistive products are, by extension, also human rights.

People with disabilities are the largest minority group. And, because of aging and the increase in auto accidents, this group is expanding and is estimated by WHO to be 1 billion people in 2030. As social entrepreneurs, we see this grossly underserved community as a great opportunity to apply market based solutions for large scale social impacts. Assistive products provide a bridge to participation resulting in a tangible and transformational change by addressing basic needs and empowering people to access the education, work, and social life nearby.

Sri works in Indonesia with UCPRUK.org