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Seat Depth Adjustment

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Tubular armrests with quick release attachments to the frame.

Bracket and foot plate that lifts the footrest surface by 80 mm.

 This kit extends the backrest with two additional heights, 450 and 500mm.

 Bolt on anti tipper for the Springbok and Wildebeest wheelchairs. Adjustable and flip up.

Frequently Asked Questions

 The back folds down to the seat (like closing a book). And, the rear wheels have quick release axles. This makes the folded size a bit smaller than a similar X-Brace folding chair. The advantage for wheelchair users is that each piece is lighter and easier to lift. And, because the frame has fewer moving parts, it does not flex when pushing so more arm energy goes into forward motion. Also, the frame is stronger and has a much longer lifetime than an X-Brace frame.

 Springbok is not ideal for children, though it does come in narrow seat widths (250 mm, 10 inches). Typically, chairs for children have smaller rear wheels and lower seat height so that the user is lower to the ground and independent transfers are easier. Participant is planning a child size version of Springbok. If you are interested in this, please contact Sales.

 No. Participant offers a comfort cushion and several pressure relief cushions. These are sold separately. If requested, the cushions can be packed inside the shipping box with the Springbok wheelchair.

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