Everyone. Everywhere.

Assistive products provide a bridge to participation resulting in a transformational change. Basic needs are solved through access to the education, work, health care and social life opportunities that are nearby.

Everyone can have what they need to participate fully in life. Participant is using advances in technology to make affordable assistive products - starting with wheelchairs and strollers.

From Managua to Manila and from Boston to Bangkok, kids need assistive products that fit their needs and a realistic budget.

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Why Is Product1 Important?


Kids with disabilities need easily transportable chairs for trips to school, play, and social activities. The chairs are custom fit and include postural supports. Coming in 2019, our supportive seat will easily attach to a stroller, a wheelchair frame, or a stand — mobilizing thousands of kids to go out and realize their potential.

Like all Participant products, Product1 will be world-class, designed for local production and 3D printing, sold affordably in the USA, and subsidized for the millions of kids in low income countries who have no chair.

Currently, these products cost between $2000 and  $3700. Our target Amazon price in the USA is $700 with a discount for low income countries.



The World Health Organization estimates that 70 million people need a wheelchair and don’t have one. For 8 million children, that means no way to get to school, to the doctor, or out to play with friends.

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Our Approach

  • World class products for everyone

  • Designed for local production and the 3D printing revolution

  • Cross-subsidy business model

  • For-profit with purpose

  • Crowdsourced design