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How to install Armrests


How to adjust the back

and Seat cushions 

How to adjust the back and Seat cushions to fit seat depth or narrow setups of laterals or hip guide. 

Wheel Lock Adjustment

How to tighten the wheel lock



How to adjust the hip guide angle  

How to adjust the hip guide angle to align with the seat when the back is reclined

How to extend the range

of the abductor



Caregiver training  

How to get 350 mm of leg length



How to Bend the Headrest

How to Install 24" Rear

Wheels & Handbrakes



The headrest supports the head by cradling the occipital lobe on the lower rear of the skull. The shape provides a moderate amount of sideways control and has an organic shape that reflects the natural curves of the human body. It is rigid with a medium density foam body. The right and left wings can be bent by a strong person to achieve a more cupped shape. 

The headrest bracket allows for 4 axis adjustment that mimics the most advanced products available today. The headrest is mounted on a ball and socket joint for rotational positioning. The bracket allows for forward and backward, up and down, and left to right adjustments from the center. The ruggedized bracket includes a quick release mechanism so that the headrest can be removed without tools and returned to the optimized position

The activity tray supports a range of activities like fine motor exercises, playing with friends and family, eating, and education. The design includes two indentions that are great for objects like a cup or some blueberries! Also, a perimeter rim prevents objects from rolling off but does not create an uncomfortable area for elbows. The tray is not intended to be a postural support. The polypropylene material is food safe and super easy to clean. The depth and height of the tray is adjustable. The tray is x” wide and the attachment brackets are width adjustable to fit wheelchairs with an armrest pad that has outside edges from X to Y. The tray attaches to the chair with a screw knob clamp mechanism that is under the outside edge of the tray

The Lateral Trunk Supports and Hip Guides are rigid with a firm foam padding and a removable, washable, and comfortable fabric cover. To accommodate a wide range of needs for supporting the pelvis and torso, each pad is adjustable in width (measuring from the center of the back), height, depth, angle, and has two length options. The support pads are arranged at 90 degrees from the back rest. As with all postural support devices on Cub, the design provides for a rapid provision speed with intuitive adjustments.

The abductor facilitates ideal femur alignment and helps to prevent further complications in the legs and hips. By using the quick release handle the unit flips down to allow easy transfers and prevent loss of the part. Not intended to be a restraint. Easy to clean. Adjustable height, depth, laterally, and width.

For mixed terrains with uneven and bumpy surfaces, a three wheeler often performs better. This accessory offers that performance advantage without compromising access to small homes, crowded environments, or classrooms. The wheel attaches in seconds without tools.

The pelvic strap greatly increases control of the pelvis, which is the foundation of all posture management. The two sides are joined by a one hand releasable, side squeeze buckle that is secure and durable. Soft padding and comfortable fabric protects the buckle and straps from touching the user and makes an easy to clean and comfortably padded postural support. The design allows for two additional attachment points for a total of 6 mounting points if needed. The butterfly body harness is adjustable at all four connection points so the harness can be positioned up and down the user. The sternum strap is height adjustable so that good placement over the sternum is possible. The curves follow the natural shape of the human form (smae about contact). The upper and lower connection points are quick release to make transfers easier and safer. The Butterfly Body Harness should always be used with a Four Point Pelvic Strap and should never be used as a restraint.

A simple flat cushion made of PU foam with an adjustable cover made of 4 way stretch, water resistant fabric.

An umbrella holder is a simple solution for light protection from sun, rain and wind.

This kit includes foam, glue, tools and rigid plastic for the purpose of customizing wheelchairs.

Ankle straps help maintain the position of the user’s feet and have easy to use buckles and adjustments.

This kit upgrades a Cub wheelchair with the small 16” rear wheels to 24” rear wheels with a 1.25” solid tire.

This pair of 2.3” wide tires with wheels gives a softer ride over obstacles and float better on soft surfaces like grass, mud, snow, and mixed terrain with rocks, roots, or broken sidewalks. For our air tires and solid tires, Participant uses standard 24” bicycle rims so that replacing tires is easy and affordable. Be sure to take along an air pump so that tires can be hard for low rolling resistance on hard surfaces or slightly deflated for an even bigger footprint and floatation on the softest of surfaces.

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