We are on a mission to democratize quality assistive products so that none are left behind.


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Benefit Corporation


Great medical devices can be affordable. Today, 80% of medical devices are designed for only 20% of the people who need them. To fit tighter budgets and rougher environments, our product design process and company structure are different.

Participant is for-profit company registered as a Benefit Corporation. Here are a few of our commitments to social impact.

  • Our products are evaluated by outside experts to confirm that they pass international quality standards.

  • We monitor and report the actual efficacy of our products. Our participants tell us if we are succeeding!

  • Our management is evaluated by our board using environmental and social metrics - as are all employees.

  • All products have lifecycle impact assessments. We do not do ‘planned obsolescence’.

  • 5% of our profits are donated to our non-profit partners so they can serve more people.

  • We all participate in the company's success. All employees are owners regardless of where they live.

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Keoke King
CEO, Co-founder




We are experienced industry veterans. Between the founders, we’ve designed 200 assistive products, served thousands wheelchair users in over 20 countries, and have a combined 10 decades of experience serving people with disabilities.

Dave Calver

Chief Clinical Officer 

Dave  Calver is a Canadian Occupational Therapist who has dedicated his career to working  with wheelchair seating and in wheelchair development in less resourced countries.  He is a wheelchair user who participates in a great variety of outdoor sports and enjoys introducing other individuals to the outdoors, particularly fellow wheelchair users.  He has been living and working overseas for more than 25 years and currently calls Nicaragua home.  Dave on LinkedIn.


Wayne Hanson

Product Developer, Co-Founder

Wayne grew up in Montana and currently lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife Lee Ann. Nearby are Wayne’s two children and five grandchildren. Wayne loves developing and delivering innovative products for children with disabilities to help them reach their greatest potential. Wayne and his wife co-founded their first wheelchair company, Kid-Kart Cares About Kids in 1990. Kid-Kart was a pioneer in providing freedom of mobility and therapeutic support for children with disabilities during their formative years from age one to age five. Wayne has since developed numerous products that serve children and adults with disabilities worldwide, including innovative dynamic seating systems that provide freedom of movement for children in their wheelchair. Wayne is the co-founder and currently the Executive Director of Reach Out and Care (ROC Wheels), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing seating and mobility products for people with disabilities in less resourced countries. Wayne has joined Participant because he believes in doing everything he can to help mobilize people with disabilities throughout the world. Wayne on LinkedIn.


Keoke King

CEO, Co-Founder

 Keoke’s first encounter with disability was while being cared for by his grandmother. Her assistive products, a cane and a rudimentary wheelchair, were bulky and did not function well for her daily activities, especially outdoors. To design projects, Keoke brings a user-centered approach and attention to affordability. He loves to find market-based, scalable solutions that serve basic needs and his career in international development has taken him to seventeen countries for roles in marketing, supply chain, product development, and sales. In his last role, Director of Social Enterprises at UCP Wheels for Humanity, he launched CLASP, which is a supply chain solution designed to improve the access and affordability of appropriate assistive products globally. Previously, Keoke was Marketing Director at Whirlwind Wheelchair after his MBA studies at San Francisco State University. Keoke lives in San Francisco with his wife, Chris. Keoke on LinkedIn.


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