Participant is changing the way assistive products are designed, manufactured, and marketed. Most of all, we’re increasing access to great assistive products because there are a LOT of people who don’t have what they need.

If bringing your values to work and being a part of an impact obsessed, mission-driven, virtual team sounds good to you, you may be a good fit. If working extraordinarily hard, wearing a lot of hats, and delivering outstanding results in a startup also appeals to you, let’s talk.

When you make and sell products that you use everyday, there is even more passion and excellence. We make assistive products and we prefer to hire people with disabilities.

Lead Entrepreneur, East Africa

Starting July 8, 2019   | Part Time | Based in Kenya

Applications are due July 1 , 2019

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Operations #1

Starting October 2018   | Full time

Virtual   |  Compensation assumes the person is based in Colombia

This role will help to establish the operations of the startup. This is a very broad role catching everything from buying paper clips to assisting on contract negotiations, from data entry to assisting on financial reports. We need a leader who can prioritize and manage countless details and help us to deliver our products.

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Marketing #1

Starting October 2018   |   Full time

Virtual   |   Compensation assumes the person is based in Colombia

This role will lead the team in implementing the marketing plan. This is a big job that catches crowdfunding campaigns, marketing collateral for the rapidly growing product catalog, outreach in multiple markets and languages, building brand awareness, and delivering quality leads to the sales team.

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