Pony Lite transport 

Safe, reliable and versatile, Pony Lite makes moving from here to there simple and smooth.

Pony Lite provides reliable mobility for temporary wheelchair users

Simplicity, reliability, and safety are what Pony is bringing to the users and caregivers around the world. By removing the armrests and footrests, users can move very close to their furniture for a safer transfer in and out of the wheelchair. Excellent quality materials, puncture-proof tires, and a time tested design make a chair that reliably serves as a workhorse in high use environments like care homes and airports.

Key Features.

Foldable, simple to use, and strong, 130 kg (285 lbs) user weight limit. 

Flip back, removable armrests

Swing away, removable footrests

Seven sizes and five simple adjustments to suit multiple body shapes 

Five minute setup time from unboxing to ready 

Puncture proof tires

Secure, adjustable wheel locks

3 year warranty

130 kg (285 lbs) user weight limit

Repair tool kit and carry bag

Ponylite Specification


The Pony Lite for healthcare providers

Standard transport wheelchairs that fail within 6 months in less resourced settings, leave businesses and patients stuck. The Pony Lite exceeds international standards while using widely available 6202 motorcycle bearings and standard bicycle rims for solid PU tires and pneumatic tires for quicker, easier maintenance. The body harness, pelvic strap and anti-tippers provide the security to help more people, gain mobility.

  Field tested by thousands of users and with the most stringent lab test methods

pony on lotus test track


Pony Lite lasts a lifetime with simple, sustainable refurbishment

The Participant team designed the Pony Lite with easy, local refurbishment in mind. They provide guidance at every step including upholstery drawings, tech support videos, advice on where to source materials and tools locally, and more. The bearings and bolts are all commonly available and they supply upholstery, wheels and other materials if required. This localized approach to refurbishment is cost efficient, removes long wait times and keeps more users mobile.


Why comes with P

Elevating Leg Rest 

Seat Belt

Anti tippers

Fit Kit

Contoured foam comfort cushion

Integrated padded and folding seat


Tubular armrests with quick release attachments to the frame.

Bracket and foot plate that lifts the footrest surface by 80 mm.

 This kit extends the backrest with two additional heights, 450 and 500mm.

 Bolt on anti tipper for the Springbok and Wildebeest wheelchairs. Adjustable and flip up.

 Bolt on anti tipper for the Springbok and Wildebeest wheelchairs. Adjustable and flip up.

 Bolt on anti tipper for the Springbok and Wildebeest wheelchairs. Adjustable and flip up.


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